1. A) It can benefit professionals and non-professionals alike.

2. B) Stories about some female physicists.

3. C) By including lots of fascinating knowledge.

4. D) It provides experiments they can do themselves.

5. D)He has not idea how to proceed with his dissertation.

6. A) It is too broad.

7. B) Nature.

8. C) List the parameters first.

9. A) The unprecedented high temperature in Greenland.

10. C) It typically appears about once every ten years.

11. B) Iceless summers in the Arctic.

12. C) A strong determination.

13. D) It is most important to have confidence in one’s willpower.

14. A) They could keep on working longer.

15. B) They are subject to change.

16. A) About half of current jobs might be automated.

17. D) They could grade high-school essays just like human teachers.

18. C) It has to rely on huge amounts of previous data.

19. D) The theoretical aspects of sustainable energy.

20. A) Drive trains with solar energy.

21. B) Find a new material for storing energy.

22. D) The poor relation between national health and social care services.

23. A) It was mainly provided by voluntary services.

24. C) Their preference for private services.

25. B) They have long been discriminated against.



26. dwells

27. B chaos

28. J mammal

29. H fierce

30. D declared

31. A aggressive

32. M remove

33. K monitoring







46. What may farmers be able to do with robots appearing on the farming scene?

答案:B- Enjoy more leisure hours

47. What will ‘farmbots’be expected to do?

答案:A- Take up many of the farmers' routines.

48. What can robots do when equipped with high-tech sensors and complex learning algorithms?

答案: B -Help farmers simplify their farming tasks and management.

49. Why are farmers pressing for robotic farming?

答案:D- Labor shortage is worsening

50. What does the author think future farms will be like?

答案:A- More and more automated.


51. What does the example of climate change serve to show?

答案: D – Common folks’ scientific knowledge can sway policy making。

52. What should non-scientists do to ensure their quality of life?

答案: B- Acquire a basic understanding of medical science

53. Why is it important for scientists to build a good relationship with the media?

答案: A- It helps them to effectively popularize new scientific information.

54. What does the author say is the problem with science journaism?

答案: C-It may give inaccurate or distorted information to the public.

55. What should scientists do to impart their latest findings to the public more effectively?

答案:D- Improve their communication skills.




In recentyears, more and more museums in China have been open to the publicfor free, as a result of which the numbers of both exhibitions and visitorshave risen remarkably. It is common to see people waiting in long Linesat the gate of some popular museums, which are forced to take measuresto limit tie number of visitors. Today. the forms of exhibitionare more varied . Some of the large museums employ advancedtechnologies like media and virtual reality to make their exhibitions moreattractive. In addition, many museums hold on-line exhibitionsso hat people can appreciate those precious exhibits. How ever, it is stillmore attractive for most visitors to see the exhibits on the scene.






1. C)Take a picture of him.

2. A)Gaining great fame on the Internet

3. B)Editing his pictures and posting them online

4. A)They are far from satisfactory

5. A)A series of interviews with outstanding physicists

6. B)The origin of the universe.

7. D)Why there is a universe at all.

8. C)the universe formed due to a sufficient amount of matter

9. B)she woke up speaking with a different accent

10. A)It is usually caused by a stroke or brain injury

11. C) Russian

12. D) Books about swimming.

13. B)She published a guide to London ‘s best swimming spots.

14. C) They were prohibited from swimming

15. C)She was the first woman to swim across the English Channel

16. A) Build a machine that can detect lies

17. B)They are skeptical of its reliability.

18. A)It is not to be trusted at all.

19. C) Each village there speaks a totally different language.

20. C) More are found in tropical regions than in the mild zones.

21.D)There is no conclusive account for the cause of language diversity.

22. A)Its middle-class is disappearing.

23. B)They could realize their dreams though hard work.

24. D) Full employment.

25. C) Hire part-time employees only.



26. F grasp

27. C evaluated

28. A predators

29. E filtering

30. M significant

31. K raising

32. O typical

33. N suffer

34. H minimize

35. L resist





46. what does the author say about ordinary Americans?

答案:B- They think math is a complex subject

47. What is the general complaint about Americas math education according to Hacker?

答案: A- America is not doing as well as China

48. What does Andrew Hackers Numeracy 101 aim to do?

答案: : B-enable students to make practical use of basic math.

49. What does Maria Drouikova suggest math teachers do in class?

答案: : A-make complex concepts easy to understand.

50. What does Pamela Harris think should be the goal of math education?

答案: C- To broaden Americans perspectives on math.


51. What does the author say about Japan?

答案: : B – It takes the lead in providing robotic care

52. What do we learn about the robot Terapig

答案: : C-it does not have much direct contact with patients53. What are telepresence robots designed to do?

答案: : D – Facilitate communication between patients and doctors or family members.

54. What is one special feature of the robot Actroid F?

答案: : A- It interacts with patients just like a human companion.

55. What can we infer from the last paragraph?

答案:C- Robots will not make nurses redundant.




China attaches more and more importance to public libraries and encourage people to make full use of them. The newly publicized statistics demonstrate that tie number of public libraries in China is increasing year by year. Many libraries, through renovation and expansion, have created a quieter and more comfortable convironment for readers. Large public libraries not only provide a large variety of references but also hold activities like lectures and exhibitions. Many digital libraries have appeared in recent years, saving much space for keeping books. Some libraries are equipped with the self-service system, which facilitates book-borrowing and book-returning, thus satisfying the readers demand further.






26. A advances

27. l otherwise

28. F devising

29. J predators

30. B boundaries

31.G elsewhere

32. K primarily

33. M spotted

34. D currently

35. E determine


Resilience is about how you recharge not how you endure




46. What is the focus of thenew study from Duke University?

答案:B -The predictors of children’s academic success.

47. How did the researchersensure that their findings are valid?

答案:A -By attaching equal importanceto all possible variables examined.

48. What do we learn from thefindings of the Duke study?

答案:B – There are more children withattention difficulties than previously thought.

49. What does the Duke studyfind about children better accepted by peers?

答案:A -They do better academically.

50. What can we conclude fromthe Duke study

答案:C – Social skills are playing akey role in children’s development.


51. What does the author sayabout the negative impact of smart phones?

答案: C -it is not so obvious but hascaused some concern.

52. What is considered a lessobvious advantage of smartphone technology?

答案: D–it greatly improves researchon human behavior.

53.What characterizes traditional psychological research?

答案: B-it relies on lab observationsand participants reports.

54. How will future psychological studies benefit individuals?

答案: A- By helping them pin downtheir unusual behaviors.

55. What do we learn aboutcurrent psychological studies?

答案: B- They are increasingly focusedon real-life situations.




In recent years, the Chinese government has made more investment into the construction of gymnasiums to meet the people’s rapidly-growing demands for bodybuilding. Besides, many cities have increased the number of gymnasiums by modifying old factories and commercial buildings. Under the support of the government’s fund,more and more gymnasiums are open to the public for free or for a low fee. Many have improved their service through modern information technology so that people can book and pay in advance. It can be predicted that with the continuous improvement of sports facilities more and more people will do exercise in Gymnasiums.

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